MAELSTROM (Smart technology for marine litter sustainable removal and management) is a project funded under the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme and it is dedicated to the mitigation of marine litter impact in coastal ecosystems, the main goals of the project are:

  • Assessing the effectiveness and impact of marine litter removal on coastal marine ecosystems
  • Tackling by removing marine litter legacy from seabed and both lower and upper water column
  • Feeding plastic circular economy and sustainability
  • Clustering of blue technologies for joint plastic strategy-oriented efforts
  • Engaging society for marine litter prevention, removal and circular economy

14 partners from 8 countries constitute project’s Consortium.

Start: 01/01/2021

Duration: 48 months

Topic: CE-FNR-09-2020 – Pilot action for the removal of marine plastics and litter

Within the MAELSTROM project, I.S.D.I Group supports the recycling solutions of the litter removed at the demo-site of Porto (Portugal), and Venice (Italy), providing a new life to a wide array of plastics not covered by thermal treatment and material retrieved in the coastal areas in line with a circular economy and sustainable waste management principles.

ISDI is also involved in dissemination and communication efforts in Malta for its capacity of organizing top-ranking international events as from the profile of the key personnel involved in MAELSTROM.




Programme: Erasmus +

Type of Action: KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

Title: Geo-Tours Guides: Enhancement of Tour Guides and Agents Competences on Geological Tours and Brand Building. 


Goals of the project

The project aims to develop a new blended training package for tour guides, tour guide students and travel agencies interested in gaining geotourism expertise and developing their geotourism brand.

In the long term view, the project aims at building the capacity of public and private tourism actors to develop and promote this particular type of thematic tourism in the region.

Duration: 30 months



Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur - France 

STANDO LTD - Cyprus 

Stowarzyszenie Kaczawskie - Poland 

Zavod Tovarna trajnostnega turizma, Ljubljana - Slovenia 

Mediterranean Pearls APS - Italy 

International Sustainable Development Initiatives (I.S.D.I.) Group - Malta



European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF)


WINBLUE project promotes the number of women in operational and decision-making positions in companies, research, educational and training entities through upskilling and coaching programmes. Also, it enhances the entrepreneurial good practices that engage female human capital, drive competitiveness and strengthen business undertakings.

WINBLUE will provide easily replicable solutions capitalising on the results of other projects or initiatives and sharing knowledge, information and practices. Finally, the project will promote mutual learning among partners and stakeholders coming from different sectors and countries and boost an uptake of good practices that already work in specific relevant environments.


WINBLUE intends to accelerate the empowerment of women in the blue economy, facilitating their participation in five sectors focused on the conservation and sustainable use of aquatic resources:


·       Circular blue bioeconomy and biotechnology

·       Aquaculture and fisheries

·       Offshore renewable energy

·       Sustainable coastal tourism

·       Cutting-edge enabling technology for protecting and restoring marine ecosystems


WINBLUE receives funding from the EMFAF programme under the grant agreement number 101112278.