Who we are

I.S.D.I.  provides holistic services in the field of sustainability,  encompassing capacity building/awareness  activities  with the organisation  of  high  level trainings and workshops along with the conduction of specific work assessment and diagnostics and  the  provision of cutting edge technological solutions instrumental to the sustainable  use  of  natural  and cultural assets including maritime and fortified heritage. The shareholders are international scholars  and  executives  with  professional  backgrounds  in  Multinationals, Intergovernmental  Organisations,  Research  Centres  of  Excellence  and Universities. They are well  introduced  in  international  scientific  networks, have long-lasting experience  in  the design, management and implementation of local, national and international research, innovation and development projects, majorly  related  to  the  EU  programmes  and  funds, along with the organisation of top ranking events and conferences.