I.S.D.I. GROUP offers advisory  services  and  supports  the  development and implementation   of   projects,   capacity   building   initiatives   and   technical assistance. Our experts  provide  their  scientific   knowledge   and   solutions, establish partnerships and strengthen professional networks  at  the   service  of public and private entities, including governments in developing  countries  or countries in transition, by:

 (i) conducting national and international studies and assessments,

(ii) promoting networking and international projects of excellence,

(iii) conducting analysis on renewable energy and energy efficiency technology with particular focus  on  geothermal  power  based  solutions for historical buildings;

(iii) Providing consultancies and conducting technical assessments on Geohazards and geo-vulnerabilities,

(iv) promoting  knowledge  transfer  relating  to  European   best  practices in sustainable tourism (with particular focus on fortified  heritage) , quality, bio-based and blue economy.

(v) (co)designing and implementing new  trainings,  technical  brokerage  and devising educational tools in the field of sustainable energy, bio-based economy and Disaster Risk Reduction with specific focus on cultural heritage.